20 Hours in Munich - PhotoJournal

We woke up Saturday morning, the day we left for Europe, to a change of plans. Our original flight plans were to take us to Frankfurt with a short layover in Detroit. However, our flight to Detroit ended up delayed, which would cause us to miss the Frankfurt connection. I'm thankful it's 2017 and problems like this can be solved with a couple thumb taps on a smartphone. The Delta App gave me multiple flight plans to Frankfurt and nearby cities. We ended up selecting to fly from Minneapolis to Amsterdam, then to Munich. We had planned to train from Frankfurt to Munich the first day anyway, so this route actually ended up saving us a few hours.

Kimberly and I have been ambitious in booking red eye flights across the Atlantic, as we did the same on our trip to Iceland. We weren't quite as exhausted as we were for Iceland, but 20 hours in Munich feels like a blur. Knowing we had little time to see the city, we hopped one of those double-decker tour buses - a first for both of us. It left us feeling like we really didn't experience any of the sites, but it did give us a good route to retrace through the city, so we hopped off the tour and made the loop the second time.

A sponge, I was not when it came to soaking up the information on that tour. I remember little of the history or stories that crackled over our free ear buds. Our caffeine saturated, jet lagged brains simply couldn't retain it. Instead, I think I saw the architecture in a very simple way - looking at the shiny, intricate, gold columns upon the towering copper domes it with awe and curiosity. I wasn't expecting or feeling obligated to learn anything. For lack of better words... it was cool, it was new... and I had a great 20 hours there.

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