Cheap & Easy Hatchback Sleeping Platform

Car camping is a great way to quickly set up for the night, stay out of the elements, pack up and head out.

A small hatchback like the 2009 Impreza may not be the most ideal vehicle for a 2 person wilderness sleeper, but if you're like myself, it's all ya got! Don't get me wrong, I love this setup. And I've comfortably slept in it a few times alone and with my girlfriend. If you haven't seen my video of the platform yet, I suggest you start by watching that so you understand what I'm referring to!

This was one of those projects where everything seemed to go right - probably because it's really easy! Build time from the first measurements through completion was probably only 4 hours. That includes going to purchase the supplies. There are hardly any tools involved in the build process, so I'm confident someone with any level of craftsmanship could pull this off. See below for everything you'll need for the build!


Drill (Hammer if you don't have a drill)

Basic Jig Saw (a manual saw would work, not as well) (


  • Sheet of 3/4 inch Plywood - 2 Pieces Cut to 25 x 48 inches (

  • Sheet of 3/4 inch Plywood - 1 Piece Cut to 20.75 x 42 inches

  • Scrap Wood of Your Choosing for Platform Supports. I Used:

  • (Vertical Pieces) 2by4 - 4 Pieces Cut to 18 inches

  • (Horizontal Pieces) Scrap Plywood - 4 Pieces Cut to 18 inches

  • Wood Screws - 16 Screws (


The platform consists of 3 sheets of plywood and 2 support stands. I usually cover that with a thin foam mattress pad and/or my backpacking sleeping pad.

Below is a 1 page sheet to help with the supply purchasing and build process!

I love waking up in the morning in the back of the Impreza and reading a book or working on my laptop. The set up and pack up is quick and easy. I hope you found this post helpful and are able to utilize it to create your own platform! If you try this setup for your Impreza, or if you try it and tweak the measurements for a different vehicle and it works, please let me know!

- Brock