Iceland - Watch this, go there, snapchat less, enjoy more.

So much can be said about Iceland, a single post could never do it justice. It is without question the most naturally diverse place I've ever been. Dramatic changes in landscape seem to happen every 20 or so minutes cruising Highway 1.

I traveled there with my girlfriend, Kimberly, in September of 2016. We spent 8 days driving the entirety of the Ring Road. It was the first trip I took where we brought a bunch of camera gear with a significant focus on creating a video. It was so much work, and so much fun.

I set up timelapses whenever we stopped, whipped the drone out whenever we had a country road to ourselves and had a camera in my hand for every other waking second. Occasionally, I'd stick the camera in Kimberly's face one to many times. She'd kindly remind me to enjoy the moment in person, not just through the camera lens.

Each time I'd catch myself doing this, it would really take me aback. Until the last year or so, I've never really had a 'nice' camera. Before the camera, I always felt engaged and appreciative of the environment around me while traveling.

It's now common to see fellow concert goers or landmark visitors who would rather give their friends the impression they are enjoying life instead of actually enjoying it. Our Iceland trip was the first time I felt a brush of that myself. Thankfully, I had Kimberly along to snap me out of it.

The fear of thinking I could've cruised around Iceland, never really appreciating the incredible time we had, has been enough of a reminder for me to check myself on every trip I've taken since. Don't do what I almost did. Watch this video, go to Iceland, snapchat less, enjoy the experience more.